Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Valentine Time!

Valentines Day is a really important day here at the Foster Monster Orphanage for Wayward Monsters. It's a day about love , and believe me , that is something the monsters think a lot about. Their whole lives center around not having love , and who will come along and love them , and so on and so forth. So it's a big deal.

The Orphans' prospects for adoptions are pretty slim these days. A lot of them have given up hope that they will ever find a loving homeSo  they are turning to each other to be that special someone , it's really very sweet.

 Little monster dates are popping up all over the Orphanage and Cupid's arrows are flying ( even though there isn't supposed to be any archery in the house).

Even though I'm usually a very stern Headmistress , I'm a bit soft when it comes to romance. I even turn a blind eye to some of the 'gifts' the monsters may be taking for one another out of my jewelry box.

And I try not to laugh at their tokens of affection , even though some of them don't make much sense.

  I was busy making my own Valentines one evening when I was interrupted by the dramatic sighing of a little monster by my side.

"Well , out with it! What's on your mind?" I asked him. He was sure looking down in the dumps.  " Oh Headmistress" he cried  " There's this monster , you see? and she is the most special monster I ever met..."


" She has eyes set real far apart , a sweet little snaggle tooth , and fur softer than a cat hair ball. I love her so much , but...."

 "Nonsense!" I told him. After all , Valentines Day isn't about what you can give someone , it's about telling the people (and monsters) you love how special they are to you. "Just make a simple thing that says how you feel!" I advised.

"Maybe you love how they always know the right silly thing to say to make you laugh.."


" Or how they always can find where you are on a map , even a very complicated one!"

"Or maybe something just as simple as they have a totally perfect...err......tail."

I really think he thought about what I said because he got to work right away , cutting and gluing and coloring.

Happy Valentines Day from all of us at the Foster Monsters Orphanage for Wayward Monsters. You are weird and we like it!


Monday, October 8, 2012

Trouble Maker

The Orphanage's newest monster is a real handful. I don't know how I'll ever find a home for him , he can't seem to stay of trouble. 

            He can be pretty nice to be around sometimes.

        But then sometimes he snaps and starts to act out.

It's hard to stay mad at him for too long though , he puts on his sorry eyes and I really do think he feels bad.


Still , I try and discipline . What sort of Headmistress would I be if it went soft on the orphans? I try and keep a firm hand.

But I must be doing something wrong , because his behavior gets worse and worse!

And his sorry eyes get sorrier and sorrier.


Sometimes I think we have turned a corner. Bird watching is a harmless and fun activity , I thought to myself.


     But it turned out to be more like bird noshing. Bad monster!

    It's a good thing playing nasty tricks has it's own consequence.

Nobody really wants to play with you.

Monday, October 1, 2012

The Move

Earlier this summer , the monsters of the Foster Monster Orphanage packed up their belongings and moved across town. This move was partially encouraged by the Headmistress' sneaking suspicion that an unfriendly anti-monster operative was watching the Orphanage. Another very good reason was that the Orphanage wasn't really up to code and was partially collapsing.

Of course the Headmistress was rather preoccupied in ways that diverted her attention from the Orphanage and from the monsters. Summer can cast a certain spell , and thus the monsters were spending quite a bit of time at home by themselves.

In many ways this was good for them. They got to catch up on their reading.

Because the Headmistress wasn't around they got to lay around in bed eating whatever they wanted. However , having grown up on a strict diet of rotten meat , their taste buds were not well versed  in tasty treats at all.

 The monsters were doing an Okay job entertaining themselves home alone. But it wasn't all fun and games. For one thing , the Headmistress didn't build them another Orphanage to sleep in , so they were on their own every night to find a comfortable place to rest.

With any luck the Headmistress will soon return her attention the little monsters who so badly need her to find much more suitable places to stay then the spare change jar.

Monday, April 30, 2012


It was the dead of night in the Headmistress' quarters...

The cries of little monsters woke me , whimpering in the dark by my feet. 

'My goodness , what in the world is the matter with you?' I asked them. 

'We are scared!' They cried. ' We heard somebody outside the Orphanage rustling about , we can see his eyes in the darkness!' .  They were totally beside themselves with fear.

'That is complete nonsense.' I scolded them. ' There isn't anyone outside watching you , I wish there was! Maybe THEY could adopt you , wouldn't THAT be nice!' But I could tell they were very upset. Even though the monsters are not allowed to sleep anywhere but their drafty Orphanage rooms , I let them crawl into my comfy bed for the night.  

I didn't want to worry them any further , but I actually WAS a little worried that we were being watched.........  

The other night I saw a strange man taking pictures outside the tall iron Orphanage fence.

I didn't like they way he looked in. He didn't ring the doorbell , and I didn't think he had come to make any adoptions.

Maybe it was my imagination playing tricks on me.....

Was someone lurking around the Orphanage? What did they want? Why had they come?

Who would want to do us any harm?